Special Services

Special Service {Freight}

SAR Couriers is one of the Indian express logistics company to launch an international air freight service to connect India with the Middle East and South-East Asia. Our wide-bodied freighter fleet flies on scheduled routes and is fast becoming the preferred cargo carrier for several logistics and forwarding companies, thanks to our novel, customized air transport solutions.

SAR Courier's extensive reach and convenient scheduling make it easier for you to forward everything from fresh flowers to live animals, and you’ll find our services hassle-free. Up-to-date technologies are used to transact and inform you about your cargo/shipment through the track and trace feature on our website. Log on for the latest schedules and also to access rates for specified load capacities.

Priority Freight

Priority freight is ideal for all shipments which require expedited delivery. We provide special handling facilities and reliable on-time delivery for all your courier loads/express cargo. SAR Couriers provides the fastest possible transport for your shipments and accepts all weight classes across the network. Our industry-friendly cut-off's are a shipping manager’s dream: you can send shipments late in the day and still ensure delivery at destination early the next day.

ATA Freight

SAR Couriers provides efficient and reliable transportation for standard cargo. ATA Freight is available for the following classes of cargo:

General Cargo
SAR Couriers provides a cost-effective freight service, available on all routes.

SAR Couriers ensures that all perishable cargo arrives on time and in peak condition. Our A310 aircraft has a unique feature: each of the belly compartments forward, aft and bulk can be controlled separately from the cockpit. The controllable temperature range is between 5°C and 26°C with a tolerance of ± 2° C. With these features in place, we ensure the freshness of your product/shipment.

Valuable Cargo
SAR Couriers guarantees utmost security and care for your valuable cargo at every step of the shipment process. Safe delivery to your destination – that's our promise.

Heavy/Out-sized Cargo
Our wide-bodied fleet ensures that heavy/out-sized cargo is easily accommodated. Size/shape or quantity of shipment will no longer be hurdles in getting your parcel to its destination.

Dangerous Goods
SAR Couriers provides a team of highly trained specialists for transporting dangerous goods from origin to destination, as these shipments require careful and precise handling. We also ensure that the acceptance, loading and handling of dangerous goods complies with established international regulations.

Bulk Unitization

Bulk unitization is applicable only for general, perishable, mail and priority cargo. This facility is available to customers when routed through a forwarder.