Ritika Vats CEO & Founder

As a CEO, entire staff and I am working to help realize the vision of growth and prosperity. It is not just because we believe in that vision, but because we believe that it will be beneficial for the Company and in the end result to you.


Sidharth Vats COO & Co Founder

As a COO, our team is committed to work long. We will continue to work with painstaking effort to ensure that each additional piece of business integrates and fits the model we have put in place to become a leader.


A.K Sharma CFO

As a CFO, it's my responsibility to make sure the company functions properly on a day-to-day basis and that we have the ability and resources to realize the vision that our CEO has set before us.


Pradeep Vats CTO

As a CTO, I am responsible for all aspects of developing and implementing technology initiatives within the organisation. I have to analyse and improve upon technology standards across the organisation.


Sanjay Shokeen CIO

As a CIO, I have to decide how technology can improve and enable business processes, cut costs and even generate revenue. I have to educate other C-level executives about technology initiatives and implications.